• All sports clubs are required to be registered with their National Sports Body and Government (MESC).
  • All Sports people must be registered with their respective sports clubs, information on birthday, employment (employer) and wages must also be included.
  • A registration fee of $1 per athlete is to be paid by clubs to MESC yearly. This amount will be reviewed every year by MESC.


  • (i) For payment of medical treatment of injured person
  • (ii) For payment of hospitalization of individual. However, there will be a limit to this assistance
  • (iii) For reimbursement of wages lost because of injury.


  • 0 Full assistance will be provided for an injured person who although may not as yet qualify for sick leave, may still be awarded full sick pay when it is appropriate.
  • 0 Should the person still have available, sick leave days, then the assistance provided will be reduced accordingly.
  • 0 Or, if the injured person is unemployed the award will be limited to $25 until theday of release from the hospital.

The amount can be reviewed by the MESC as they see appropriate.

Sports Teams Competing Overseas

  • 0 Because of the high cost involved for compensating of injured players competing overseas, (doesn't cover overseas participation) Therefore
  • 0 Sports Bodies are responsible for insuring their athletes before they leave for overseas competition
  • 0 Overseas participation will not be covered under the scheme
  • (a) All players representing the country in International Sports Events overseas must be ensured for injuries caused as a result of the event, including medical treatment, hospitalization, transportation etc

Criteria for Eligibility

  • 1. The athlete has to be registered under the scheme before the injury

  • 2. The athlete has to be injured by playing in a National Sports Championships or any other recognized Sports Competition endorsed by SASNOC/Govemment

  • 3. A Medical report should be provided and the Scheme Application Fonn filled out.

  • 4. Reports from Fofo Samoa or Taulasea will not be accepted.

  • 5. The injured athlete will be given 2 weeks from date of injury to inform the Ministry

  • 6. The athlete needs to put in claim within 6 months of getting injured. Cannot claim after 6 months, or in special cases final approval will be given to Ministry

  • 7. Payments will be made to the injured person not Club or Sporting Body

  • 8. In some instances, unless treatment isn't available here and also based on doctors recommendation (AND approval by cabinet) will the injured person be allowed to seek treatment overseas

  • 9. If the player is re-injured or sustains new injuries during the resting period as advised by a doctor then further treatments will not be covered under the Scheme.

  • 10. The athlete will also not be eligible under the scheme if he/she was injured during a fight on the field.

  • 11. The athlete will be covered under the scheme for one calendar year.