The notion behind the creation of this logo is that of ‘Children playing together’.
The Children are coming together through the medium of games and sporting activities.

This is a symbol of a child with their hands in a stretched out position having fun, rejoicing and celebrating life. The children are reaching out for something, opportunities, dreams...
There are four directions that the symbols point to, signifying that there is no limit to what they can do.

What do children enjoy doing to have fun and learn?
What do you need to do so children have fun and learn?
How can you foster an environment that encourages children to BELIEVE that they can reach out for opportunities, dreams and that there is no limit in what they can do?

The needs of children can be divided into 4 main areas:

Physical – Learning sport skills and improving fitness (BLUE)
Social – How they interact with the coach/teacher and other children (YELLOW)
Emotional – How they feel, their beliefs (RED)
Understanding – Why they are doing a particular activity (GREEN)

All those who undergo the Fiafia Sports Program Training are trained in implementing a structured, games based sports program.
Participants undergo an intense 3 day training which includes the following topics:


Participants receive resources such as the Teacher’s Manual, Posters and Activity cards to assist in implementing the program.

What is Fiafia Sports?

Fiafia Sports is a fun games based sport program aimed at improving physical activity opportunities and experiences for every Primary School child aged 5 – 14 years regardless of gender and ability.
The program is all about developing movement, and sports related skills and promoting fun and enjoyment by engaging children in a range of games and activities.
Furthermore, the program is designed to help all children attain optimum health. It will ensure that children develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and the motivation required to foster a life- long interest in sport and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.
The Fiafia Sports Program will teach children through games and activities the basic fundamental skills and movement patterns which children will use for the rest of their lives whether playing sports or just being active. In addition, Fiafia Sports will be a co-curricular program, designed to complement the Primary Physical Education and Health Curriculum.
The wide range of games and activities which form the basis of the program will ensure that there is equal opportunity for every child, including those with special needs to play and develop skills.

Why Fiafia Sports?
Movement is very important for a child’s development. Research has proven children need to exercise and move just as much as they need to read books. Lead researcher Marianne Torbet put it best when she said,
“Moving is as natural to learning as breathing is to living” (Torbet, M, 2006)

Engaging in movement activities provides an important means for children to express, explore and discover many aspects of life relative to themselves and others. Moving is a natural form of expression and medium for learning.

The Principles of Fiafia Sports
There are seven guiding principles for planning, organizing and implementing the program. These principles are Key in ensuring that one can skilfully plan movement activities that have the potential to meet important developmental needs for children:
The Benefits of being Active
What are the benefits of children being part of the Fiafia Sports program or any activities involving movement?
When skilfully planned, movement activities have the potential to meet important developmental needs such as:

*Children being more focussed
*Children paying more attention
*Children being good listeners
*Children learning from the environment
*Children learning how to share
*Children learning how to trust
*Children learning to take initiative
*Children Persevering
*Children building their self esteem
*Children learning how to become good leaders
*Children learning about respect

Developing Fundamental Skills
Fundamental movement skills provide a foundation for many physical activities. Having these skills is an essential part of enjoyable participation and a lifelong interest in an active lifestyle.
Fiafia Sports aims to enable children to learn and develop fundamental skills through play and games.
This resource groups skills and activities under three fundamental skill categories. Note that these are not a checklist of skills:

involve the body moving in any direction from one point to another

involve balancing the body either in one place (static) or in motion (dynamic)

involve handling and controlling objects with the hand, the foot or an implement (stick, bat or racquet). Manipulative skills in this manual include throwing and catching, striking with the hands, feet and an implement (e.g. kicking, volleying, batting and dribbling).