Exam1 imgThe 2018 National Primary Assessments started this week involving 170 primary schools and more than 20,000 students. MESC officials were involved in distributing and implementing the various assessment duties at the primary schools. Ninety nine (99%) of all schools (government, mission and private) in the primary sub-sector are participating in this year’s national assessments.

The Samoa Primary Education Literacy Levels (SPELL)tests are given at Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6; their main purpose is to identify learning gaps in English, Samoan, Numeracy, and Science. The number of students sitting SPELL is more than 16,000 nationwide.

The Samoa Primary Education Certificate of Achievement (SPECA) at Year 8 has more than 4,500 students sitting up to 7 subjects – English, Samoan, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education and Visual Arts. The SPECA was revised in 2017, from being an aptitude test to an achievement test.

The diagnostic and achievement information gained from both the SPELL and SPECA tests will be used to improve learning and inform teaching.

The senior examinations, Samoa School Certificate (SSC) and the Samoa Secondary Leaving Certificate (SSLC) will be held over 2 weeks starting on November 12th.

It is this time of year that our dear students really need the support of parents and families to help them through what is often considered a highly stressful period. With this in mind, MESC is confident that Samoa is one in prayerfully wishing all students a successful examination period.

Timetable schedules for SSC and SSLC are available on the MESC website www.mesc.gov.ws and the ministry facebook page.

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