SSILNAS smlTheme:   “Literacy, Numeracy and Science are essential for survival"
(O le Faitautusi & Tusitusi, Numera ma le Saienisi e taua tele mo le soifua manuia o tagata”)


One of MESC’s key annual programsfor improved educational outcomes will be held at MESC headquarters, Malifa next week on Monday 17thand Tuesday 18th September 2018. This is the Samoa Schools Innovation in Literacy, Numeracy and Science (SSILNaS) program.

Through-out the year, schools have held their own programs at school and district levels to promote ownership and engagement at community level. The program next week is at national level and will provide an opportunity for representatives from the school districts to display their SSILNaS projects and compete in a variety of activities.

Some of the projects that will be displayed include the following:

  • International Day of Light which schools carried out in May this year;
  • Best science projects to reflect innovative thinking and application of students’ everyday experiences;

Another important part of SSILNaS this year is for schools to give more attention to their physical environments not only inside but also outside the classrooms. In partnership with the community, schools are encouraged to create a school environment that reflects innovation and creativity. Two best schools have been selected from each district by their school inspectors for this activity.

The program will also feature a seminar on Financial Literacy which will be run by the ANZ Bank on Tuesday 18th September. The seminar aims to provide important information on the importance of managing finances, saving and spending money effectively. This session will begin with a session for students to provide more information on what financial literacy is all about.  

In partnership with the Ministry of Finance, the Bureau of Statistics and the United Nations Population Fund, some of the activities will integrate topics on population issues and challenges.   Students who will participate in the debate activity will learn about Samoa’s Population Action Plan 2016-2021 and gain new knowledge on issues and challenges pertaining to population issues in Samoa. The debate will provide a forum for selected teams to express their views on a range of topics including the following:

  • Health&Social services
  • Growth in the number of skilled workers and people with tertiary education
  • Environmental management and climate resilience
  • Support for youth, women, persons with disability and the elderly
  • Enhanced information sharing and collaboration
  • Integration of population issues in national planning processes

Other activities will include Impromptu Speeches, Quizzes, Mental Strategies, Financial Literacy, Spelling Bee as well as applying the Vee-Diagram as an important tool to improve students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Ministry acknowledges with gratitude the continuous support of Samoa Stationery and Books (SSAB) as the major sponsor for SSILNaS and the in-kind support provided byComputer Services Ltd and T&N Toleafoa Company Ltd.As well, the support of the following partners is deeply appreciated: Ministry of Finance, SamoaBureau of Statistics, United Nations Population Fund, Central Bank of Samoa and ANZ Bank.

The Ministry extends its appreciation to all its major stakeholders and parents for their support throughout the year.

Members of the public and in particular parents are invited to come and witness the various activities during the two days.