Saili malo seia faSNG5aeaina is the theme for the 5th annual Samoa Ne'i Galo 2018. It was held at Malaefatu Park Sogi on Wednesday 5th September as part of the Teuila week this year. Eight colleges who took part in this year’s festivities were Lepā/Lotofaga College, Aleipata College, Safata College, Paul VI College, Anoama’a College, St. Joseph’s College, Leifiifi College and Avele College.

This annual competition is a safeguarding tool to promote and instill the relevance and visibility of our cultural expressions and way of life in our young people. It is a pathway agreed to by our Pacific’s Ministers for Culture as a safeguarding mechanism to counter the fast erosion of cultural practices and traditional languages in the region. The Samoa Nei Galo’s traditional appeal adopted a more modern approach this year with our Colleges bringing our well known myths and legends to life through a contemporary display of artistic choreography and presentation.This year’s competition was a platform to stage a winning cultural concept for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 16th Pacific Games in 2019 in Apia Samoa.

The school performances were judged on six different categories. The winner of the Top Artistic Performance Award was awarded solely to Leifiifi College. The award  f
SNG3or Outstanding Theme Performance was w
on by Aleipata College. The following awards were shared by two colleges. The winners for Outstanding Original Composition Award were Saint Joseph’s College and Lepa/Lotofaga College. The winners for Outstanding Cultural Creativity Award were given to Anoamaa College and Aleipata College. The winners for Outstanding Music Award were awarded to Safata College and Avele College. The last award was for Best Costume Design Award which was presented to Anoamaa College and Paul VI College.

The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC) wishes to thank the Principals, Teachers and Students of the 8 participating Colleges for putting up an entertaining exhibition of creativity and originality for this year’s Samoa Ne’i Galo.

Equally important are the sponsors who made it happen and believed in the importance of this program for Samoa. Faafetai tele to Galumalemana Faiesea, Management and Staff of SBCTV1 for maintaining your Major Sponsorship for the third year running. Faafetai tele to Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai, Management and Staff of SSAB for believing in this concept and supporting it from its inception. To Samoa Commercial Bank and UNDP for stepping up your commitment and support for this cause faafetai tele. To the Bank of the South Pacific and Lesa’s Telephone Services, Federal Pacific Finance, Bluebird Lumber and Hardware, Samoa International Finance Authority (SIFA), Rosalote Guest Fales Sapapalii, Lynn Netzler, Commercial Printers, Vailima Breweries, Natural Foods International Company, Tanoa Hotel, Uncle Johnny’s, CCK, Inalani’s Catering, EveniCarruthers, Digicel and this year’s Teuila Organising Committee. Faafetai, faafetai, faafetai tele!