japan 2Five students from Leififi College, Lepa/Lotofaga College, Pesega College, Palauli College and Savaii Sisifo College were selected to attend the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Sakura Science High School in Japan.

A ceremony was held on Thursday 28th of June at MESC Headquarters, Malifa to farewell them before they left on Friday. Rev Clay Tofilau conducted the service. He reminded the students to be prayerful and not to lose sight of the purpose of their trip. The students took part in the Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program, with the expectation that they would return home with improved knowledge and skills In Science. Mr Asiata Melvin Solomona of the Ministry accompanied the students. Leota Valma Galuvao spoke on behalf of the Chief Executive Officer and in her comments; she acknowledged the continuing kind support of the Government of Japan. She also thanked the students’ parents and advised the students to use the opportunity well.

The Sakura Science Exchange Program (SSP) is a short-term invitational program by the government of Japan. It was launched in 2014 by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) to promote innovation in Asia by deepening participants’ knowledge of science and technology. The program also focused on encouraging the active exchange of ideas and opinions in a multi-lateral environment, thus to nurture aspiring young scientists in Asia. Participants were encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity by engaging in science and technology in Japan with their Asian friends. This was a golden opportunity for these students not only it was their first trip to Japan but also having the chance to meet and experience the outside world.