The launching of the Samoa Ne’i Galo Volume 8 was held on the 15th June, 2018 at the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture Fale Samoa in the afternoon. 

Samoa Ne’i Galo, is a publication series of Myths and Legends of Samoa compiled by the Ministry’s Culture Division over many years. It’s an attempt to document and safeguard the richness of Samoa’s oral history not only as a resource for Schools and Universities in the teaching of Samoan language and Culture, but also for Samoans here and abroad who take interest in Samoan history and publications.

Volume 8 documented 20 legends researched from 10 villages in Savaii, Upolu and Manu’a. The challenges of this program and safeguarding our oral history through documentation, involved issues of ownership as well as the reluctance of our people to tell the stories and legends pertaining to their villages and families to outsiders. This work continued with research and documentation of Volumes 9 and 10 already underway.

This project was an initiative of the Government of Samoa who funded it with assistance from UNESCO. This research programme had documented 160 legends to date.

The Samoa Ne’i Galo Series is a teaching resource and is available to the public through MESC and our local bookshops.