MESC hosted another round of training at the national level during the Term 1 school break for teachers of both Upolu and Savaii. The series of workshops focused on the following areas:

  • Induction for new Principals, new Deputy Principals and Heads of Departments in secondary schools
  • Intervention Support Program (ISP) for primary and secondary teachers to ensure they meet the professional standards not met following the performance appraisal process last year
    • Use of a variety of teaching methods and strategies to address critical learning areas and skills as identified in the 2017 national results and reports from MESC divisions for all levels.
    • Integrate and Implement policies to lead and manage the school and teaching staff.
    • Use of ICT tools (the use of tablets) to improve teaching and learning
    • Inclusive Education training for Year 8 teachers on strategies to teach students with disabilities and ways to assess a range of disabilities for ease of data collection and support for them.

The Induction program for Principals and Deputy Principals included a session by the Public Service Commission (PSC)on policies and working conditions for contracted employees.

The first series of trainings was held for Upolu teachers in the 1st week of school holidays (09/04–12/04) and the Savaii teachers during the 2nd week of break. The Honourable Minister of MESC,Afioga Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio provided final remarks and advice at the closing of the session for the Principals and Deputies.

More than 1600 teachers participated in the April 2018 National training.Trainers and facilitators were the management and relevant staff of MESC.