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The Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China had officially handed over 16 sets of electronic teaching platforms and 20 Guangdong (Huizhou) Friendship Scholarship opportunities on the 9th March Friday 2018, to secondary schools and some of the primary school students.

The program for the Handover Ceremony included speeches by the Honourable Minister of Education, Sports & Culture, Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio, and Vice Mayor of Huizhou Municipal People’s Government, Mr. Yu Jinfu. This was held at the AUTE Conference Room at the Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture. After the ceremony, there was the presentation of a report on the use of the 9 electronic teaching platforms and Guangdong (Huizhou) Friendship Scholarship donated before by Huizhou Municipal People’s Government, China.

This was the third batch of teaching equipments donated by Huizhou Municipal People’s Government, China, which aimed to promote the level of educational informatization in Samoa. These teaching platforms had been donated to the Ministry of Education, Sport & Culture and 8 colleges. These included Samoa College, Itu-o-Tane College, Aana No.2 College, Palauli College, Alofi-o-Taoa College, Mataaevave College, Lefaga College and Safata College. Furthermore three computer labs had been donated to Samoa College, Aana No2 College and Itu-o-Tane College.

The Guangdong (Huizhou) Friendship Scholarship Program is funded by Huizhou Municipal People’s Government. The SAT$120,000.00 per year scholarship program is for three years and is part of the Chinese government’s ongoing assistance in improving education in Samoa. The program’s purpose was to assist students with financial challenges to ensure that their financial constraints would not be an obstacle in gaining an education. By now, more than 2,000 students from 60 primary schools and colleges as well as 20 tertiary students from universities benefitted from this program.