Following the National Primary Assessments in October, the National Assessments & Examinations resumed with the School Certificate (SSC) and Senior Secondary Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examinations. The first exam, being English, was on Monday 13th with the last exams scheduled for 23rd November.

More than 2,400 students are taking the SSC Examinations, and over 2,000 students are listed for the SSLC Examinations. There are 17 examinable subjects for Year 12 and 18 subjects for Year 13.

Exam1 imgThe National Primary Assessments involved approximately 6,000 students who sat Year 1-3 and close to5,200 for Years 4-6. Year 8 Students totalled 4,751 individuals who sat 7 subjects – English, Samoan, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Health & Physical Education and Visual Arts. This is a first in the history of education in Samoa to run diagnostic assessments for all primary levels (except Year 7). It was also a first to assess all curriculum subjects at Year 8, notably Visual Arts and Health and Physical Education. The Samoa Primary Education Certification Assessment administered in previous years was revised from being an aptitude test to an achievement test which ensures closer alignment with the curriculum. The rich diagnostic and achievement information can now be used to better inform teachers, students and parents of the teaching and learning needs.

The MESC officials involved in distributing and implementing the various assessment duties for the 170 primary schools, were totally overwhelmed with the magnitude of parental, village and clergy support “…ua vaai le taupati mai o matua …and even the administering of the assessment …oka faafetai i le Atua i le talia o talosaga … and the teachers and principals realising just how important these initiative are”. Ninety nine (99%) of all schools (government, mission and private) in the primary sub-sector participated in this year’s national assessments. In many ways, this has been a truly momentous and defining moment in the education of Samoa and the Ministry is optimistic that the findings will lead to better results in the future.

Exam3 imgWhilst exam and test papers are being sat and scored, the MESC are acutely aware of the importance of timely reporting especially for the Year 8, Year 12 & Year 13 students who are wanting to know the options available to them in the new school year. As such, the first wave of assessment results to be released will be the Year 8 Certification at the end of Term 4. The senior examinations will follow closely behind with the release of the provisional results by early January 2018.

Timetable schedules for SSC and SSLC are available on the MESC website

As for every examination season, students need the support of parents and families to help them through what is often considered a highly stressful period. With this in mind, the MESC are very sure that Samoa is one in prayerfully wishing all students a successful examination period.

Ia manuia tele taualumaga o suega a alo o le atunuu aemaise foi le tapuaiga a matua.