The Mālamalama Trail
Adigital tour of Apia’s History, Culture and Environment

IMG 20170215 054106The Museum of Samoa has developed a digital Tour of Apia to increase the quality and ease of access for the public to information on Samoa’s unique history, culture and environment.

The Tour "extends the walls of the museum" and is available to users in two digital formats: as an onlineTour and also as a portable mobile phone Tour app. This is the first app published by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC).

To view online go to: To download the app, see instructions at:

The digital Tour of Apia project was conceived and produced by Wendy Morrison, an Australian volunteer working with MESC staff in Multimedia and Graphic Design. The Pacific Island Trade and Invest funded this project who develop, grow and promote businesses in the Pacific region in partnership with Scope Global who run the Australian Volunteers for International Development program in the Pacific. The grant awarded aimed at supporting initiatives that help to develop international tourism.

The app content can also be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about Apia and Samoa, including local school students and Samoans living/born abroad.

How the digital Tour works:
Onscreen is a mapof Apia with the sites marked on it.
Click on each site to see historical and contemporary photos, text and possibly sound and video.

The text for each site goes beyond simple description, givingbroader historical or cultural information.

For example for the entry on Apia's Clock Tower also gives an overview of Samoa during WWI.

For visitors, the text for each site covers the basic information of where it is, when it is open, the costs and any cultural protocols for visiting. At the end some highlights - a list of interesting things you can do there, are suggested.

As our target audience is tourists relaxing on holidays, the writing tone is interesting, succinct and friendly. It assumes the reader has no/low knowledge of Samoa.

Accompanying the digital Touris a printed Tour map of Apia, available at the Museum of Samoa. This artistically shows the sites covered in the Tour and gives the web address for the online Tour and the QR code link to the Tour app.

A poster and pamphlets are placed around Apia to promote the Museum’s digital Tour and an exhibition of intriguing images of some of the sites – merging a historical image, with one from today, are promoting the digital Tour via social media.

Prints of these images were on display at the launch event at MESC in mid-February 2017, and then at the Museum and on to other locations.

15 historical, cultural and environmental sites are included in the first launch of the Tour of Apia project. Additional sites may later be added (our current list identifies 44 sites of interest in Apia!)