Taana2 handoverhe Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, representatives of the Government of Huizhou Municipality, Guangdong Province, China, and the Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture conducted the official handover ceremony of a Computer Lab with 20 computers to Aana No2 College. This was the ongoing support by Huizhou City to the Education System in Samoa. Aana No2 College had received one Teaching Platform as well, enabling teachers and students to do research on the Internet, using of e-resources from the SchoolNet e-library as well as staging own presentations.

Huizhou City had already donated a computer lab and electronic teaching platform to Samoa College last year as well as another 8 Teaching Platforms to the Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture. One of these platforms would be part of the new computer lab at Aana No2 College. Experienced with the use of such valuable equipment already showed much higher motivation of teachers and students to use electronic learning material.

The program for the Handover Ceremony included speeches by the CEO of the Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture, Afamasaga Dr.Karoline Afamasaga-Fuatai, and his Excellency, the Ambassador Wang Xuefeng. The event was held on site at Aana No2 College, Apolima-Uta on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017