IMG 3004The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC), commenced its 2017 Annual Conference with a Thanksgiving Service that was held on Sunday evening, the 15th January at the Mulivai Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. This was followed by the official opening of its Annual Conference for 2017 on Monday 16th at the Samoa Convention Center, TATTE building at Sogi.

The theme of the conference is: “Transforming Learning – Teaching the Future Today”. For this year, the Ministry had taken a different approach to ensure that school personnel particularly those in management positions received a good share of practical and innovative ideas to inform their work for 2017.

The first day was full-on with presentations on a variety of topics such as Innovative ideas for Teaching, National Examination Results, Early Childhood Education Survey Results, Sports, Culture and National Archives. The key speaker was Maria Doyle, a Literacy Specialist from Australia who spoke on the topic “Innovative Approaches to Developing Literacy”. The CEO, Afamasaga Dr Karoline Afamasaga presented on the topic “Transforming Learning through Vee Diagrams”. A range of different topics was also covered by other presenters.

The second day of the conference (Tuesday, 17th Jan) was held at Malifa where a series of workshops was conducted. It was an opportunity for school personnel and community members to have training and awareness on a variety of topics including Effective Interventions for Teaching, Minimum Service Standards, Classroom-based assessment and Effective School Leadership.

All school personnel, school committee members and members of the public were invited to attend the Annual Thanksgiving Service on 15 January and Annual Conference on 16 & 17 January 2017.

A two-day training program was also implemented on 18 & 19 January for both primary and secondary teachers from selected schools. They also went through training, focusing on literacy and numeracy (primary) and curriculum (secondary).