project partnersEach financial Year, the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (MESC) is the recipient of ongoing assistance from the international community. These donor agencies are:

Given the criticality of donor assistance, the MESC has continued to utilize the Management Project Database to effectively facilitate the monitoring and coordination of its development projects.

Funding of these projects are either for short or long term periods and they all play a fundamental role in addressing issues identified in the Ministry’s Strategic Policies and Plan July 2006 – June 2015 document.

Each Development Project has a management who set up activities and performance indicators in line with project objectives to determine how well the project is progressing and on completion they signal how well it has been executed.

Projects are assessed at appropriate periods of time to ensure their relevancy, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability

Satisfactory Efforts

Ensuring the relevancy, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of ongoing project; the Project Coordination Unit of the Policy, Planning and Research Division periodically carried out site visits in Upolu and Savaii every quarter to check on the progress of all projects; as well as collecting data relating to these projects.

Last year 2013, the Unit continues in notifying the progress in some project that are still underway funded by ESP II, Government of China, Rotary Clubs and the USA Navy.

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