Our Mission statement:

The National Orchestra of Samoa is a musical com-munity that provides a place for local people to train and finesse their skills on traditional symphonic or-chestral instruments. It is a place where traditional Samoan music can be fostered and preserved, ac-cess to musical genres can be broadened and enter-tainment can be provided to members of the public through performance. We aim to develop the music industry in Samoa and to develop well trained musi-cians while providing a second chance in life to those who may need it. The goals within the Orches-tra are to promote well-being and equality, to foster self-confidence, respect and pride in every member and to provide opportunities to those in the commu-nity who would benefit socially from music education such as youths and others who may be disadvantaged.


  • Gender equality

  • Fairness

  • Healthy competitiveness

  • Quality Education

  • Human Rights

  • Transparency

  • Accountability

  • Professionalism




Current Programs:

  • Community Orchestra program: This is a full time pro-gram that caters for members of the public.
  • After school academy program: This program is de-signed for school students who have an aptitude for music studies.
  • Year nine orchestral school program (Leifiifi college): This program is run in collaboration with the current music curriculum and allows the students to have hands on experience with an orchestral instrument.

Proposed future plans:

  • New and higher quality Instruments to cater for growing music programs
  • New Orchestra house with adequate facilities and with a 500-1000 capacity Auditorium for regular performances and recitals
  • Music resources and equipment
  • Funding professional musicians to visit and to conduct professional development programs or workshops twice a year
  • Casual employment positions for 40 to 60 members
  • Additional music tutors and administrators
  • Creating International and local business partnerships