Priority Targets

1.         Increased confidence, capability and capacity from the use of ICT by all participants in the education system
2.         Effectively implement MESC Communication Strategy
3.         Strengthen ICT Human Resource Capacity within MESC


1.         Improve schools access to MESC Network Infrastructure.
2.         Implement Core shared services to improve support and communication between and amongst MESC and schools and are easily accessed and used across the education system
3.         Conduct a comprehensive baseline study on the use of ICT in secondary teaching.
4.         Extend the integration of ICT and Multimedia tools in all secondary subject areas
5.         Strengthen the use of multimedia resources (TV programme) to supplement classroom learning and teaching methodologies.
6.         Develop a MESC ICT Master Plan for the integration of ICT in education
7.         Develop ICT in education policies and procedures
8.         Implement MESC Communication Strategy annually.
9.         Develop the remaining components of the Management and Monitoring Information system (SEMMIIS) database (teacher performance, School           performance and Resource Management)
10.       Develop a Strategy for an effective data collection mechanism to ensure data integrity and accuracy.