MESC Headquarters The Government of Sāmoa recognizes the central role of education, sports and culture in its vision for the social and economic development of Sāmoa. The vision focuses on the achievement of:

"Improved focus on Access to education, training and learning outcomes”

The Ministry’s Vision

In light of the Government’s vision, the Ministry has developed a vision that reflects all areas pertaining to its work in developing education, sports and culture:

“A quality holistic education system that recognizes and realizes the spiritual, cultural, intellectual and physical potential of all participants, enabling them to make fulfilling life choices.”

The Ministry’s Mission

To achieve the Government and Ministry’s vision, a mission statement has been adopted that illustrates the importance of education, sports and culture to the individual, the nation and embraces the idea of personal development.

"Promote quality and sustainable development in all aspects of Education, Sports and Culture to ensure improved opportunities for all”


  • July 05, 2016 Latest News

    National Teacher Training

    National Teacher Trainings The Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC) provides ongoing support for teachers while they are on Term 2 holidays. This is through a training…
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    Balanced Literacy Training for Primary Teachers

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    Samoa Teachers' Accelerated Program (STAP)

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    Welcoming Ava Ceremony for Teacher’s Cultural Dance Group

    Welcome ceremony for Samoa’s Delegation to Guam A special ava ceremony to welcome home our delegation who represented Samoa to the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts in Guam, took…
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